DSM8/200 Gen2 Metrology System

Alignment Metrology for R&D and High-Volume Production

The SUSS DSM offers front-to-back side measurements for a broad range of applications and substrates. Results specify shift, rotation and run-out components of the offset vector. The system requires a remarkably small footprint and by that low cost of ownership. At the same time, it provides reliable and extremely accurate metrology for double-sided alignment and exposure applications, which are frequently used in the manufacturing of MEMS devices, power semiconductors and optoelectronics.


  • ≤ 0.2 µm measurement accuracy
  • Double-side or single-side alignment measurement
  • Optional IR illumination
  • High throughput and small footprint deliver low cost of ownership
  • Customized substrate handling solutions available
DSM8/200 Gen2 Metrology System

Accurate metrology for double-sided substrates

SUSS MicroTec has more than 40 years of experience in double-side lithography processes. The processing of double-sided substrates requires an accurate measurement to verify front-to-back side alignment. The DSM8 Gen2 metrology equipment is a recipe-based system and automatically measures and calibrates itself, with manual substrate loading and unloading. This ensures high performance independent of operator’s skills. The fully automated DSM200 Gen2 also features a robotic substrate handling system with customized handling options available, including unique measurement chucks. Optional IR illumination function enables through-silicon measurement capability.

Precise Dual Microscope Metrology

Using a single microscope and looking through a substrate suffers the systematic offsets due to light diffraction and mechanical tolerances. SUSS DSM eliminates this by using double microscope technology to look at alignment features directly and without movement. This system also incorporates Cognex PatMax® image analysis software that delivers optimum precision with industry-proven stability.

Accuracy via TIS Compensation

Eliminating mechanical tool induced shift (TIS) is required for optimum measurement accuracy. The SUSS DSM achieves this by comparing the measurement result of the substrate at 0° with the result at 180°. Image registration of the rotated target images, and accurate offset calculation is performed with the capabilities of Cognex PatMax®.