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ASx Series

Photomask Processing Platform for advanced Bake, Resist Strip & Clean and Develop

The ASx series is SUSS MicroTec’s photomask processing platform for 250nm to 90nm technology nodes with advanced bake (qualified up to current technology node), clean, develop and etch technologies. The series offers reliability, stability and performance to meet critical challenges of defect-free processing of masks exposed to 248nm and 193nm lithography.


Highest first pass cleaning yield, resulting in extended mask life

Low cost of ownership with small footprint (1200 x  1200mm)

High reliability and uptime

More than 250 ASx Sold

State of the Art Advanced Bake - Qualified up to Current Technology Node

Advanced Single Substrate Cleaner ASC 5500

The ASX ensures 100% soft defect removal, careful PSM cleaning and minimal residual ions during critical cleaning stages:

  • Resist strip and pre-clean
  • Final clean
  • Pellicle adhesive cleaning
  • Backside cleaning of pellicallized masks

Multiple Technologies

  • Dual megasonic cleaning
  • In-situ SC1, in-Situ SPM, 172nm UV dry cleaning, ultra-clean hot DI rinse
  • ESD-safe cleaning
  • Binary and phase shift masks
  • Photomasks and other square substrates up to 9”
  • Round substrates (wafers or imprint masks) up to 300mm

Product Highlights

  • Minimal phase and transmission change
  • Low residual ion concentrations avoiding haze
  • Monitoring PoU media parameters
  • Fully automated, including SMIF load / unload

In Line with the Industry

  • SEMI S2, S8, S13 compliant
  • CE marked
  • Conform to European harmonized standards and machine directive 2006/42/EC, EMC directive 2004/108/EC and low voltage directive 2006/95/EC
  • DIN ISO 14.644 class 3 controlled environment
  • Ready for factory automation via SECS/GEM 200 mm standard interface
Post Exposure Bake (APB)

Superior Performance

  • 25-zone controlled precision hotplate
  • Combined hotplate - cool plate stack
  • Storage for temperature sensor masks in each stack
  • Bake self-optimization SW procedure
  • CD uniformity optimization by profile bake
  • Mirror bake functionality
  • Cluster with E-Beam Writing System possible
  • Cluster with Developer (ASP) possible
Strip & Clean (ASC)

Physical- and chemical-based Cleaning

  • Final cleaning of binary and phase shift masks (Embedded Att. and Alternating PSM)
  • Resist strip and preclean
  • Pellicle adhesive cleaning
  • Backside cleaning of pelliclized masks 
  • 172nm UV dry cleaning with multiple gas injection
  • Precise in-situ generated sulphuric acid / peroxide mixture (SPM) for highest activity
  • High pressure Fulljet nozzle
  • Megasonic nozzles with 1 and 3 MHz for smallest particle sizes down to < 0.1µm
  • Brush unit
  • Backside rinse nozzles
  • Ultra-dilute SC1 cleaning for high-efficient and smooth PSM cleaning  
  • Stepper motor driven nozzle movements
  • Precise temperature control of media and DI water
  • Re-ionization of DI water by CO2 or NH4OH
  • Electronic flowmeters
Develop (ASP)
  • Lowest impact developing by A+ Nozzle with continuous media distribution over the whole mask
  • Micro-bubble free dispense systems for lowest defect counts
  • Clustered equipment with APB for PEB
  • Tight Amine (1ppb) and Temperature / Humidity control (0.05°C / 0.5%RH)
  • Fully automated including SMIF load / unload
  • Enhanced process control and monitoring features
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