ASx Series

Photomask Processing Platform for advanced Bake, Resist Strip & Clean and Develop

The ASx series is SUSS MicroTec’s fully-automated photomask processing platform for 250 nm to 65 nm technology nodes with advanced bake (qualified down to 14 nm node and beyond), clean, develop and etch technologies. The series offers reliability, stability and performance to meet critical challenges of defect-free processing of masks exposed to 248 nm and 193 nm lithography.


  • Highest first pass cleaning yield, resulting in extended mask life
  • Low cost of ownership with small footprint (1200 x 1200 mm)
  • High reliability and uptime
  • More than 250 ASx Sold
  • State of the Art Advanced Bake - Qualified down to 14 nm Node and beyond
ASx Series

Advanced Single Substrate Cleaner ASC 5500

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  • Cleaning

Post-Exposure Bake System APB9500

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Develop System ASP5500

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