ECD8 Coater or Developer

Versatile platform for resist coating or developing

The ECD8 platform is an enhanced tool that opens up a wide range of applications. It is available as coater or developer and can be perfectly customized. The four options range from a semi-automated open-bowl spin coater to a coater with either GYRSET® cover or air barrier plate and a puddle developer tool. Thanks to its versatility the ECD8 is perfect for use in R&D as well as series production.


  • Extensive basic equipment
  • Easy customization
  • Great application variety
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Full visibility of the process area
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI)
ECD8 Coater or Developer

The ECD8 offers top standard equipment. Even in the basic version, the ECD8 coater or developer has a programmable process arm as well as a built-in universal centering unit for round substrates from 2''-200mm.

In addition, the developer basic version comes with a deionized water backside rinse, a deionized water puddle and a nitrogen line. All lines are adjustable and flow monitored. A second developer medium is possible.

The coater basic version includes solvent backside rinse and edge bead removal. The flowrates are manually adjustable, displayed on the graphical user interface and monitored. Up to two media lines are configurable from a predefined selection. Optionally, a solvent line can be added.

As an additional option the GYRSET® rotating cover can be integrated into the ECD8 spin coating module. For various photoresists and applications, the GYRSET® technology enables a wider process window. Furthermore, square substrates and pieces can be coated all the way to the corners with a homogenous resist thickness.

As an alternative to the GYRSET® technology an air barrier plate is available for the ECD8. This static plate is positioned approximately 20mm above the chuck surface and designed to minimize turbulence across the wafer. All standard chucks can be used with this technology. The air barrier plate is suitable for applications with high spin rates.

With the large number of variants and configurations available, substrates from 2" to 200mm as well as square ones up to 6" edge length can be coated or developed on the ECD8. The platform can be equipped with up to two well proven dispense lines and pump configurations for processing resists with viscosities from <1 cps up to 4000 cps.

For full safety control, the ECD8 is equipped with leakage, gas and exhaust sensors. As it provides space for internal waste bottle and dispense systems, there is no extra media cabinet needed.

The ECD8 has a user-friendly graphical user interface and an intuitive Linux-based software that make operation of the ECD8 easy. Moreover, basic information such as the status of the supply media as well as the current performance values can be checked in real time on the touchscreen monitor. The defined limit values and recipe parameters are monitored, and any deviations that have occurred are subsequently reported. In addition, the transparent hood of the ECD8 provides a clear view of the process area and enables visual control.

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  • Spin Coating
  • Puddle Developing


  • Air Barrier Plate