Inkjet Printing Solution for High Volume Production

The JETx inkjet printer for high volume production is SUSS MicroTec’s most advanced solution for printing functional materials, specifically designed for the semiconductor and adjacent markets, such as power electronics, sensors, MEMS, display and biomedical.
The JETx, combined with a material handling unit, such as the ACS200 Gen3 TE, and a hotplate stack offers a complete production solution designed for a low cost of ownership with high throughput for round wafers up to 300 mm and panels up to 24” by 30” (610 x 765 mm).


  • Green process
  • Fully integrated production solution
  • High reliability, productivity with low cost of ownership
  • Customizable configuration optimized for your process
  • Compatible with solvent-based, aqueous, hot melt and UV-curable inks
  • Easy to operate and maintain

Green Process

As an additive technology, inkjet printing is a green process compared to the traditional subtractive manufacturing techniques. Only printing the exact amount of material, exactly where it is needed, significantly reduces the amount of wasted material and eliminates removal-processing steps of excess material.

Fully Integrated Production Solution

The JETx and ACS material handling unit offers a fully integrated production solution for direct patterning of materials such as photoresist, phase-change resist, dielectrics, such as polyimide, SU-8 and solder mask, but also conductive inks and customer-specific materials.

Optimized Productivity

One of the advantages of inkjet printing is that scaling up the productivity simply implies more printheads, therefore the JETx can be configured with multiple printheads and multiple ink systems to optimize the productivity.

PiXDRO Inkjet Technology

The JETx with PiXDRO inkjet technology builds on production-proven core inkjet components and many years of inkjet expertise to offer the best in class solutions for semiconductor production.

Pre- and Postprocessing Options

Within the ACS and JETx multiple pre- and postprocessing options are integrated, such as wafer pre-aligner with a barcode scanner, high-resolution camera for fiducial alignment, inline UV (Ultra-Violet) and NIR (Near Infra-Red) pinning/curing, hotplate and coolplate stack.

Main features and options

  • Fully automated production solution
  • Green process
  • Virtually zero material waste
  • Minimal floorspace
  • Individualization of products by digital processing
  • Non-contact deposition for fragile substrates
  • Micrometer control of layer thickness
  • Integrated pre- and postprocessing options
  • Continues operation during refill
  • Automatic process inspection