MJB4 Mask Aligner

State-of-the Art Research Solution for Small Substrates and Pieces

Easy to use and compact in size the SUSS MicroTec MJB4 represents the perfect system for laboratories and small volume production. As an inexpensive photolithography solution the MJB4 has set industry standards specifically for processing of small substrates and pieces up to 100 mm. Equipped with a reliable, high precision mask alignment and high resolution printing capability in the submicron range the MJB4 demonstrates a performance unsurpassed by any comparable machine.


  • High resolution printing down to 0.5µm
  • Fast and accurate alignment with SUSS Singlefield or Splitfield Microscope
  • High Resolution Optics optmized for thick resists
  • The Universal Optics Option for fast switching between different wavelengths
  • Upgradable with a retrofit kit for UV-Nanoimprint Lithography
MJB4 Mask Aligner

The MJB4 is widely used for MEMS and optoelectronics applications, such as LED production. It can be specifically configured for nonstandard substrates such as hybrids and high-frequency components for fragile III-V materials. In addition the MJB4 can be optionally enhanced with an upgrade kit for UV- Nanoimprint Lithography.

Details : Alignment

  • Top-side alignment (TSA)
  • Infrared alignment (IR)

Details : Exposure

  • Soft Contact Exposure
  • Hard Contact Exposure
  • Vacuum Contact Exposure

Details : Optics

  • MO Exposure Optics®
  • HR and LGO optics
  • Diffraction-Reducing Optics
  • UV-LED light source

Details : Automation

  • Wedge Error Compensation (WEC)


  • Lab Simulation Software

Nanoimprint Lithography

  • Imprint Lithography