XBS300 W2W Hybrid Bonding Platform

Permanent Wafer Bonding Platform for R&D and High-Volume Production

The universal XBS300 W2W platform is designed for (hybrid) fusion bonding of aligned 200 mm and 300 mm wafers. Its highly modular design offers maximum configuration flexibility at low cost-of-ownership for customers. Different configurations are available to meet the requirements in both R&D and high-volume manufacturing (HVM) environments. The new XBS300 hybrid bonding platform allows for both collective D2W (die-to-wafer) and W2W (wafer-to-wafer) hybrid bonding focusing on most demanding applications such as 3D stacked memory or 3D SOC (system-on-chip).


  • Industry leading < 100 nm (3σ) overlay
  • High-performance integrated metrology
  • Reflective IR option
  • Compatible with silicon or glass carriers
  • Closed-loop feedback between integrated metrology and bond aligner
XBS300 W2W Hybrid Bonding Platform

Details : Modules

  • MHU Material Handling Unit
  • XBA Bond Aligner
  • Cleaner Module
  • Plasma Module
  • Low force bond chamber
  • Integrated Metrology Module

Details : Bonding Technologies

  • Fusion
  • Hybrid Bonding