Process Technologies

In the quest for cost-effective manufacturing methods for powerful multifunction microchips, innovative process technologies have come to the fore in production planning. Carefully selecting suitable techniques allows greatly enhanced efficiency of production processes, increased yields and time savings throughout the entire manufacturing cycle. The systems offered by SUSS MicroTec feature exceptional process flexibility, supporting numerous processes and easy setup modification.

Which are the right processes for manufacturing your products?

We are committed to providing competent advice and ensuring that, supported by our products, our customers are able to successfully compete in their markets. In order to meet the worldwide demand for process development support and feasibility studies, SUSS MicroTec maintains regional application laboratories. Highly qualified process experts are available to support our customers with competence and experience for solving complex tasks.


  • Top-side alignment (TSA)
  • Bottom-side alignment (BSA)
  • Infrared alignment (IR)


  • Proximity Lithography


  • Spin Coating
  • Spray Coating


  • Puddle Developing
  • Spray Developing

Inkjet Printing

  • Inkjet Imprinting


  • Adhesive
  • Anodic
  • Eutectic
  • Glass Frit
  • Hybrid Bonding
  • Metal Diffusion
  • Slid
  • Fusion Bonding
  • Mechanical Debonding

Temporary Wafer Bonding

  • Temporary Wafer Bonding
  • Mechanical Debonding
  • Laser Debonding

Imprint Lithography

  • Imprint Lithography
  • SCIL

Plasma Activation

  • Plasma Activation
  • Wafer Preparation for Fusion Bonding

Photomask Cleaning

  • Photomask Cleaning
  • Surface Preparation
  • Surface Purification and Preservation
  • Wet Cleaning