MA12 Gen3 Mask Aligner

Operator-Assisted Mask Aligner for Lithography and Imprint Processes

Based on the latest mask aligner technology, the MA12 Gen3 is designed for operator-assisted alignment and exposure of wafers up to 300mm and square substrates. With its flexible handling and process control features the MA12 Gen3 is the right tool of choice for advanced packaging applications like 3D wafer-level chip scale packaging as well as for the production and development of sensitive devices such as MEMS. Furthermore, the latest generation of the MA12 introduces improved imprint processing features for standard, advanced and high-end processes.

The MA12 Gen3 offers an enhanced ergonomic and user-friendly design, cost efficiency, and a reduced footprint, and is the perfect tool for use in industrial research and mid- to large-scale production.

Using the renowned SMILE technology, SUSS MicroTec’s MA12 Gen3 sets a new benchmark in full-field lithography for MEMS & NEMS, 3D integration, and compound semiconductor markets, especially for a large variety of imprint applications in the field of LED, micro-optics, augmented reality and optoelectronic sensors.


  • One tool covering micro- to nano imprinting
  • Reliable handling of warped wafers and sensitive material
  • Excellent light uniformity
  • Enhanced process control
  • Enhanced SUSS levelling system
  • Small footprint and enhanced ergonomics
MA12 Gen3 Mask Aligner

Ideal process results through precision

The high degree of automation of the MA12 Gen3 enables outstanding process results. Functions such as constant dose mode, an automated control unit for exposure time, and auto-alignment all help to optimize process parameters. Additionally, equipped with the high-grade MO Exposure Optics system, the MA12 Gen3 provides ideal exposure conditions and thus achieves top-class results.

High operating comfort

Functions such as a highly intuitive recipe editor, sophisticated data logging and the ability to assign user rights simplify the user’s work and simultaneously minimize the need for operator intervention. The MA12 Gen3 also makes use of high-grade digital microscopes and cameras, which significantly simplify the alignment process thanks to enhanced image quality and an extended field of view on the monitor.

Work safety and environmental protection

The MA12 Gen3 is equipped with an energy-efficient LED light source and sophisticated exposure optics for all lithography processes. In addition, this UV-LED light source is available for imprint applications. The UV-LED light source not only reduces operating and maintenance costs but improves work safety and environmental protection as well. This eliminates the expensive and hazardous waste disposal of mercury lamps. The machine offers further security features, such as UV radiation protection, safety interlocks, and trap protection, thus fulfilling strict safety requirements. Optionally, configuration with a mercury light source is possible as well.


With its compact design, the MA12 Gen3 offers a wide variety of processes despite a reduced footprint, which is a major factor in the attractive cost of ownership, saving costly cleanroom space. Maintenance effort is reduced by the accessibility of the operating elements and exchangeable parts, as well as use of the LED light source and the renowned SUSS MO Exposure Optics. In the event of an error or failure, the machine can be accessed by SUSS MicroTec service staff remotely, so that the issue can be resolved in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Details : Alignment

  • Top-side alignment (TSA)
  • Bottom-side alignment (BSA)
  • DirectAlign®
  • Assisted Wafer and Mask Loading

Details : Exposure

  • Proximity Lithography
  • Soft Contact Exposure
  • Hard Contact Exposure
  • Vacuum Contact Exposure

Details : Optics

  • MO Exposure Optics®
  • HR and LGO optics
  • Diffraction-Reducing Optics
  • UV-LED light source

Details : Automation

  • Wedge Error Compensation (WEC)
  • Assisted Wafer and Mask Loading


  • Lab Simulation Software
  • Source Mask Optimization

Nanoimprint Lithography

  • Imprint Lithography
  • Stamp Fabrication