XBS300 Temporary Bonder

Universal Temporary Wafer Bonder for High Volume Manufacturing

SUSS MicroTec‘s XBS300 platform for temporary bonding represents the next generation of high volume manufacturing temporary bonder solutions. The 200/300mm wafer bonding platform can be configured for low cost of ownership and maximum process flexibility.


Compatible with Silicon or Glass Carriers

Notch and Center Alignment for Same or Different Size Carriers

Best in Class TTV with SUSS MicroTec Patented GYRSET®

Built-in Metrology for Non-Contact, Multi-Point Thickness Control

Modular Design for Scalable Throughput and Minimized Footprint

Open Platform Supporting Various Bonding Materials

SUSS MicroTec Wafer Bonder XBS300

The XBS300 supports all key process steps for temporary bonding: release layer formation, adhesive coating, low force wafer bonding, UV curing or thermal curing and cooling. Thanks to its flexible configuration the XBS300 is able to process all commercially available temporary bonding adhesives(1).

(1) The DuPont HD3007 Process is qualified on the XBC300 equipment platform.

  • 200 and 300 mm wafers
  • Oversized carriers with 201 or 301 mm in diameter
  • Various carrier materials
Supported Bonding Technologies

To minimize the risks in thin wafer handling, the wafer is mounted on a carrier wafer prior to thinning. Bonding is only to facilitate further processing – the bond is designed to be dissolved once the wafer is processed.

Process steps required for temporary wafer bonding

  • Application of release layers (coating or plasma deposition)
  • Adhesive coating
  • Bonding
  • Thermal or UV curing

SUSS MicroTec offers an open platform that is compatible with all common material systems used in temporary wafer bonding. In addition to the methods already used in production today, SUSS MicroTec is devoted to ongoing work towards qualifying new materials, in this way supporting the largest selection of adhesives currently available in the market.


  • Open bonding platform supporting flexible configuration and all common adhesives and techniques
  • Coating of bonding and release layers, including temporary bonding, in one system
  • Integrated metrology to determine wafer thickness and TTV

Available for:

Automated Temporary Bonder

Semi-Automated Bonder

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