mr-NIL210FC_XP – A very promising resist for employment of SCIL technology in high volume industrial applications

In this work, the performance of the recently developed imprint resist mr-NIL210FC_XP for UV-enhanced substrate conformal imprint lithography (UV-SCIL) from SUSS is evaluated. One major benefit of the material for UV-SCIL is a strongly reduced diffusion behavior of mr-NIL210FC_XP into the PDMS-based SCIL stamps compared to other organic resists. This results in an increased stamp lifetime. A complete imprint process was developed, showing a full wafer pattern transfer while addressing some of the major requirements for production processes, like resist storage time, pattern transfer fidelity and reproducibility, as well as stamp lifetime. The imprinted structures of 50 consecutive imprint processes (including successful automated separation) were found to be highly reproducible, showing height variations well below +/- 2.5 % within individually measured areas. Further tests showed that storage times of at least one week can be applied without any noticeable effect on the imprint result. In order to complete the process chain, the imprinted microstructures were successfully etched into silicon showing homogeneously etched structures.