Fusion Bonding and Integrated Metrology - Technology Expansion of SUSS MicroTec's Product Range

With the introduction of the XbS200 bond cluster platform in 2017, SUSS MicroTec has celebrated its reentry into the automated permanent bonding market. The new cluster for up to 200 mm wafers was developed to target metal bonding applications (mainly eutectic bonding and metal diffusion bonding) within the MEMS market, while also being capable of serving anodic bonding, glass frit bonding or temporary bonding requirements. Looking back on a long tradition in permanent wafer bonding, SUSS MicroTec not only intended to resume its line of automated bonding platforms from the past, but to break new ground in automated permanent wafer bonding. Therefore, SUSS MicroTec introduced distinct novel features, which provide a worldwide unique selling proposition, mainly fixture-less wafer handling and laser pre-bond. The technological trends and numerous market requests however also made clear that low temperature fusion bonding as a mayor bonding technique still plays an important role in the market, with the demand even increasing with respect to 2.5d and 3d packaging and the rise of RF MEMS. SUSS MicroTec has therefore invested a great deal of effort to meet this demand by extending the XbS200 process capability to high-precision fusion bonding.