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Our customer magazine SUSS report provides you with an insider update on innovations and trends in equipment solutions for the semiconductor and related industries. You will find exciting technical publications as well as practice-oriented reports and personal notes by experts of the industry.
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Issue 2016:

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Articles Overview of the SUSS report issue 2016:

New excimer laser-based dual damascene processes for high I/O applications with ultra-fine line routing

In this paper a novel excimer laser dual damascene process is presented to generate a fine line multi-metal layer routing. A laser stepper technology together with a quartz mask allows a high throughput in combination of ultra-fine RDL and via openings below 5 μm. 

Wafer-level packaging using high force bonding of AlGe

Aluminum-Germanium (AlGe) eutectic wafer bonding is the most widely used wafer-level packaging process for MEMS gyroscopes in high
volume production today. The history behind its usage for wafer bonding dates back over 20 years.

Contour Move - Edge coating and edge stripping of wafer flats

Common issues when processing 150 mm and smaller wafer sizes for the semiconductor and especially MEMS market are arising from the wafer flat(s). Today’s demand for maximizing the used area on a wafer requires a technique to perform an edge bead removal (EBR) not only at the round areas of a wafer but also on the wafer flat. In MEMS processes often a technology is required to protect the wafer edge against etching agents – this is where edge coating comes into play, that also needs to be applied not only at the round areas on the wafer, but also on the
straight edge of the wafer flat.

Wafer Scheduling Algorithms - Decision on the fly with dynamic input parameters

In a previous SUSS report (V2 11/2014) the basic scheduling algorithms used in automated SUSS coating and developing tools were introduced. The different strengths and drawbacks of fixed sequential handling and dynamic handling, at SUSS MicroTec named cyclic mode and decision on the fly (DOF) mode, respectively, were discussed.

SUSS LI series: Direct laser Writing Technology for Fast Prototyping in Academic and Industrial R&D

Artwork generation by laser direct writing on resist is a highly versatile complement to traditional mask-based lithography. This technology
results also particularly cost effective when fast turnaround must be achieved in research activities and small productions. The Laser Imager addresses a wide range of applications, such as microelectronics, microfluidics, diffractive optics, MEMS, conformal micro-patterning, microwave integrated circuits (MICs), and graphene and nanotube technology.

High Precision Dispense System

Presisely controlled dispensing of photoresist is one of the key process steps in photolithography. Beside basic requirements like a bubble free dispense, the accuracy and flowrate profile influence the uniformity of a coating. Up to date, high precision dispensing was an exclusive domain of positive displacement pump-systems. SUSS MicroTec recently introduced a pressure based dispense system, which breaks into this area.

UV-LED Lamp House – Light Source of the Future

The new, innovative UV-LED lamp house concept of SUSS MicroTec combines high efficiency and flexibility with eco-friendliness and reduced complexity and represents a trendsetting alternative to common lamp houses. It supports full process capability for today’s lithography users and enables tomorrow’s process technologies.