SUSS MicroTec AG: 2011 Shareholders' Meeting in Munich

SUSS MicroTec AG: 2011 Shareholders' Meeting in Munich

Garching, Germany, June 22, 2011 – Yesterday the shareholders of SUSS MicroTec AG voted in favor of all resolution proposals put forward by the Management Board and Supervisory Board at this year's ordinary Shareholders' Meeting. In total, approximately 100 shareholders, shareholder and bank representatives, and guests joined the Company at the meeting in Munich. Thus, 23 % of the Company's equity capital was represented.

In addition to discharging the Management Board and Supervisory Board from liability for the 2010 fiscal year and appointing auditors for the individual and consolidated financial statements, a resolution to the conversion of bearer shares to registered shares and related changes to the articles of incorporation as well as modification of authorizations was on the agenda. A resolution on the creation of new approved capital of € 6,500,000.00 with authorization for a partial subscription rights exclusion and a corresponding change in the articles of incorporation was on the agenda. Resolution for the approval of a profit and loss transfer agreement between SUSS MicroTec AG as the controlling company and SUSS MicroTec Lithography GmbH as the subordinate company was made. Finally there was a by-election of the supervisory board. Mr. Gerhard Pegam, CEO of EPCOS AG, will succeed Mr. Sebastian Reppegather as member of the supervisory board.

In his statement of accounts, Chief Executive Officer Frank P. Averdung detailed the main developments and results of the past fiscal year and the first quarter of 2011. The focus of the report was on the investment and divestment projects in fiscal year 2010 as well as consolidation of the product lines Coater/Developer, Substrate Bonder and Photomask Equipment at the Sternenfels site in Germany.

'By reducing our four manufacturing sites worldwide at the beginning of 2010 to two highly efficient sites by the beginning of 2011, we will be better positioned in the future to leverage synergies in research and development and in production,' explained Mr. Averdung.

The speech given by the Chief Executive Officer and the presentation regarding agenda item 1 of the invitation can be downloaded from the Company's homepage: