LD12 Debonder

The LD12 debond module supplements the SUSS MicroTec product portfolio for laser-based wafer processing. It is based on the application of an excimer laser which uses nanosecond, high energy 308 nm laser pulses to break the chemical bonds in a release layer or the actual adhesive which holds the glass carrier to the device wafer. This excimer laser based debonding process does not produce significant thermal stress and therefore ensures the integrity of sensitive components. The LD12 module is designed to debond glass carriers from full thickness wafers or thinned 200 mm and 300mm wafers which are mounted on tape frames.

Using the LD12 enables high throughput debonding for applications in 2.5D and 3D integration, 3D MEMS and CIS, as well as in the field of power devices to be carried out quickly and carefully.


  • Short debond cycle times
  • No thermal stress on devices
  • High level of automation
  • Compatible with wide range of common glass carrier systems

During the debonding process a 308 nm wavelength excimer laser is raster scanned across the wafer. The excimer laser breaks the molecular bonds in the UV light-absorbing adhesive or release layer at the interface to the glass carrier without producing thermal stress. After debonding, the glass carrier can be removed with a vacuum handler. All relevant debonding parameters such as the scan pattern, laser fluence or step field overlap are recipe programmable.

A fully automatic operation, including substrate handling and carrier removal is supported by integrating the LD12 module into the XBC300 Gen2 debonder.