SUSS MicroTec publishes half-year report 2021: Successful first half-year and confirmation of the outlook for the fiscal year 2021

  • At € 152.8 million, incoming orders remain at a high level
  • Sales increased by 4.6 % to € 118.5 million compared to the previous year
  • EBIT in H1 2021 reached a value of € 8.0 million (previous year: € 3.2 million)

Garching, August 5, 2021 - SUSS MicroTec SE, a leading manufacturer of systems and process solutions for the semiconductor industry and related markets, published its half-year report for the period of January 1 to June 30, 2021, today.

The second quarter of the current fiscal year was stronger in terms of both revenue and earnings than the opening quarter. "This is quite encouraging in light of the ongoing economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is also affecting our supply chain", said CEO Goetz M. Bendele, adding that the fact that SUSS was able to increase gross margin and profitability for the first six months compared to the prior year was encouraging as well.

As in the prior year, SUSS MicroTec is benefiting from ongoing investments in connection with the implementation of the 5G mobile communications standard, the increasing volume of chips with advanced backend technologies, capacity expansions to alleviate the global chip shortage, especially for the automotive industry, and the global trend towards increased capacity expansions of local production facilities.

In the first six months of the current fiscal year, revenue was € 118.5 million, which is 4.6% higher than in the previous year. From this, SUSS MicroTec has generated earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of € 8.0 million in the first half of the year, well above the prior year figure of € 3.2 million. This corresponds to an EBIT margin of 6.8% after 2.8% in the same period last year. Earnings after taxes (EAT) in the first half of the year also increased from € 0.4 million last year to € 5.0 million. As of June 30, 2021, SUSS' net cash position compared to December 31, 2020 increased slightly from € 20.3 million to € 21.7 million. Although order intake in the first half of the year, while remaining at a high level, fell by 6.0% compared to the previous year to € 152.8 million, order backlog increased further to € 154.0 million as of June 30, 2021.

In the first half of the year, SUSS MicroTec was able to increase its profitability in relation to revenue: with only slightly higher sales than one year ago, gross profit margin was 5.7 percentage points higher and EBIT margin was 3.9 percentage points higher. "Here, measures taken to improve productivity are already beginning to have an impact," said CFO Oliver Albrecht.

The Company expects stronger sales growth in the second half of 2021 compared to the first half, and confirms its guidance for the year 2021 of revenue between € 270 million and € 290 million, an EBIT margin between 9% and 11%, and free cash flow between € 12 million and € 18 million. The Company's goal for 2025 remains achieving at least € 400 million revenue and at least 15% EBIT margin.

The half-year report 2021 can be downloaded in German and in English via the following link:

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